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03 January 2014 @ 08:46 am

Dark and tormented cop Shade will do anything to possess Nick, the caring artist who is a killer’s next target.

Can a dark, tormented cop and a warm, caring hustler fall in love while trying to stop a murderer? Created to be the perfect killer, Shade has done some 'shady' things in his past but when he meets Nick, a sexy and honourable part time painter, Shade is drawn to possess him. And Shade is very good at getting what he wants, using any means necessary...


I'm so pleased this book is out. I hadn't stopped writing over most of 2013, but I wasn't finishing anything. Then I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (totally recommend that) and I finished a whopping lot of books all at once. Shady was the first. It was a story that wouldn't die. I'd find myself returning to it.

On another note, sorry I'm not on LJ as much. I'll admit, I post on facebook regularly, mainly because uploading pictures is easier for me than coding them here. So you can find me there and friend me if you like under Janice Irving. xx
07 June 2013 @ 09:21 am

I finished my blanket warp! I think I mentioned to you guys I was busy last few months. Boy, have I been. I've been working on two book projects mainly, getting close to finishing at last (and that also means I'll go back to other projects that are almost done and finish them before going on to something new--so it's feast time after the famine). Also, I wove my rug and then decided to try to create a mostly handspun blanket. So I've been using my old spinning wheel and producing yarn. It took a while to get it uniform enough to be in the ball park to go through the heddles of the blanket warp. I won't get to tie on until September, so I don't know how effective this warp is yet. I do find the colors interesting though because honestly, you do it in bunches and you don't see it as a whole until you spread it out. Mostly it seems to be shades of reds and brown-plums with lighter blues, pinks and greens shooting through it. I think this is exactly what I wanted though I had no idea until I got to this point.
30 April 2013 @ 06:34 am

I brought a little orchid back into bloom and put it inside my handmade basket. I just find the combination delightful since both happened from my hands. Today I'm finally going back to weaving class--thank goddess. I'm so sick of being in solitude and recovering. On Cadfael's front, he has boots with treads for his back feet now to protect them and that is working out okay. He doesn't let his wobbly feet stop him from doing what he wants (we could all learn a lot from a dog). But I am thinking of rehab for him. Maybe with some help, he can regain better control of his back legs?

Yesterday I began work on planting for my summer garden. Already it looks like a little jungle out there.
28 April 2013 @ 10:10 am
I haven't been around since around my birthday, when I got the flu. I've been very sick and then Cadfael injured himself seriously late last week by whamming himself against our door. This time he's injured his spine so now his back legs are all screwed up. We've been dealing with vet visits, drugs for him, ensuring he eats and the latest--his feet are tender and bleeding because he's not walking on them the way he always does, so now we have to find booties for his back feet to protect them. I still don't have much energy, but I'm going to try today to figure out what to do to cover those tender feet. Right now when we bring him in (we have to carry him outside) his feet can be bleeding so we need to wash them out and bandage them (and you just know he peels off those puppies as soon as he can). So the goal is to get some plastic booties to put on his back feet, maybe from a big pet superstore. Wish me luck!
17 April 2013 @ 10:16 am

Thanks everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes. Yesterday I went to the garden center and got a crap load of flowers and herbs to plant and also at weaving class that evening finally began weaving my Berber and handspun rug. It was so much fun when I started, really addictive. Can't wait for the next class to do some more.
06 April 2013 @ 08:07 pm
I finished them at the sewing studio the other day and then washed them and left them to dry on the table. I'm happy with them. Kind of wabi sabi and relaxed and they remind me of the ocean. I can't wait to have my plates on them when I finally bring some home, which will be some time this summer. Later in April I hope to make the trip back to the island where I make my pottery.

So work on my YA novel is progressing really well. I got back into writing daily again. I'm excited since I can feel the climax of the book humming closer. I also decided that I'd like to write a book about being creative, an art book, which focuses on creating different art as well as writing and hopefully encourages people to try different things. I've been thinking about this for a while. For a long time, I used to feel guilty for the time and resources I put into art related things as opposed to writing, but I reminded myself of Joseph Campbell's "follow your bliss" and decided to just go with it. I didn't know what it all meant but I've been bitten by the urge to write about it.

In other news, I'm back at weaving class again next week. There has been more loom drama. ^^ I wanted to make a rug as some of you know but it was taking some time for the person on now to finish up. I had lost hope I'd be able to do any work at all in the final classes, so I wasn't going to sign up but when I shared this with the instructor she told me that it looked like the weaver on now is actually expecting to finish soon. So we'll see! I have all kinds of spun yarn. I have vague ideas spinning in my head of what kind of rug to design.
29 March 2013 @ 01:07 pm

I want to make handwoven placemats to go with my plates I'm making in pottery. I found this beautiful sea colored handspun yarn at the recent fiberswest fair and picked it up. So this is my warp.
01 March 2013 @ 02:56 pm

I'm sorry for disappearing for a while. I've been really absorbed in some things, inner work. I've been painting a series of chakra paintings in watercolor which also involve looking at the step-by-step personal creativity. Above is the fifth watercolor I've done, waterlilies. It represents the fifth chakra, or voice and expression chakra. I always thought this was an easy one given what I do, but there was a lot I'd been unaware of. I knew some things made me less happy in the process of publishing a book, but I hadn't examined clearly why. So this has been a revealing time for me. It helps to have clarity because you can go 'oh, yeah, I get it. And it's okay now.'

I'm also currently weaving a shawl on my home loom. I did the scarf at weaving class and was less than thrilled with it, but it was a learning experience. I may chop it up and weave it into an Easter basket since it looks like the colors of spring. The shawl is as wide as my loom and meant for my table as a runner. I don't know if this one will work out better than the first. The major problem is I have to full the piece, which is a prelude to felting. I had some superwash yarn in the scarf and it just didn't stick very well. I don't know if this will be easier or not. I may take it to the sewing studio and stabilize it if need be. It is lovely on the loom. I'll try to share a photo in future.
05 February 2013 @ 11:36 am

I've been silk felting pieces lately. I love just putting the colors together and looking at them.

I redid a painting. I just went with an impulse and redid the vases and the glaze behind, erased the flowers but then a friend said she missed the flowers so I repainted them as orchids. This time around I think they came out really well. I'm glad I took the risk because I like the colors much better now. It seems more me.

At basket weaving this weekend I made this rustic basket using only English Ivy. I'd been wanting to do one like this since December. I was really happy with how it turned out. And it was finished in the time we had for class, three hours, which is great. When I first was weaving, it would take a long time to complete a piece, but I think it still largely depends on what you are making.

Here is my silk felt pink and red book. I ended up sewing stones onto it and I like how it looked. I did a lot of working with this one, took it apart once. I think I like it now.

I had to share the finished sari bag. You remember how long I worked on it? Four hours at least at the sewing studio, cutting and sewing and lots of time at home adding more strips. I'm happy with it now and I made it from a picture I'd seen, not a pattern. So like with my knitting, I feel like I'm gaining some expertise in sewing. Enough that I actually dared to buy fabric to do a slipcover for an ottoman. We'll see how that goes.

Speaking of classes, I'm taking the making a duvet class now. On Sunday, I put together the top of my duvet. You'll notice the central panel is mauve with silver swirls and the sides orangey pinky watercolor. I have no idea why, but I wanted to combine these two from the beginning. I doubted myself, and so got only a little of the water color at first but later I though, oh, screw it, and went back and got enough to make the duvet. If I am going to do a duvet cover, I want to do one that is really unique, like a work of art. When I sewed everything together, somehow it looked cohesive, like it really worked, so I think I did the right thing.

So one of the latest things I'm working on is a little bag made out of silk felt. How this came about was I saw these wonderful retro looking bag handles made of recycled horn. I wanted to do something special and I've been making silk felt lately so I thought it would be like a little work of art on its own. So this is one side of the bag. I have to make the other and then the idea is to sew them into a bag at the studio and somehow figure out how to incorporate the handles, perhaps in the sandwich between the lining and outer bag...
27 January 2013 @ 03:02 pm

I made a new basket at weaving class yesterday. I wanted a Japanese inspired one which I could fill with a flower arrangement. This one is very rustic with wide curling cedar bark, English ivy and a bit of dried kelp decorating it.

I forgot to share this painting I did that I'm really pleased with. It was my first experience doing a glaze, this one is flowers in a vase seen through a rainy window.

I'm working on a new silk felt covered book. I was really drawn to some red and pink silk and decided to combine them into a book cover. I would like to add some kind of stones, maybe rose quartz to the design. I'll have to play with it and see.